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 How much is Fedex Store Notary Services Cost

FedEx documents can now be notarized online 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days a year. A single document can be notarized for $25. If your document requires more than one notary seal, each additional notary seal will cost $10 but most documents only require one. FedEx uses a company called Notarize which is fast, safe and entirely remote.

Remote online notarization is just another method of performing notarizations. A remotely notarized document is as legally valid as one notarized via traditional paper-based notarization.

Most documents can be notarized online using this platform, with a few exceptions of documents that have unique restrictions. Always check with your own advisors and document recipients if you have any questions about whether your documents may be notarized online. 

The requirements for the online notarization of documents that are to be used in another country differ by state and are not automatically enforced by the Notarize platform. Also, an apostille granted by the notary’s commissioning state is usually needed to authenticate these documents for use in a foreign country, and most states have not developed a process for issuing apostilles for electronically notarized documents. Finally, use of the platform for these documents can implicate various laws that the platform is not configured to comply with such as the data privacy laws of the foreign country.

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